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Consignment Guidelines

Would you like us to sell more of your clothing and accessories? Then help us to maintain the consistent, high quality we offer our customers by adhering to the following guidelines:

·         Current labels less than 5 years old

·         Freshly laundered and ironed or recently dry-cleaned

·         Clothing on disposable hangers

·         Watches and fine jewelry in Ziplocs

·         No faux leather

·         Shoes must be polished and in mint condition

·         Authentic labels only – we do not accept fakes

·         Suits and Blazer on wooden hangers

Consignment hours 10-5 Monday – Friday and Saturday  by appointment only.

We donate or reject any items that are old or dated, those of an unpopular style, as well as those with obvious flaws (for example: spots, holes, tears, perspiration stains, discoloration inside or outside of garment, stains around the collar, missing or broken buttons, frayed hems on jeans, wrinkles, moth holes, poorly done alterations, odor of any kind, among other reasons). We offer tax donation slips for any items that we donate for you.

Due to space limitations and selling price points, we reserve the right to select which merchandise we wish to sell.

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